POI Filer ( eng )

Swedish Speedcams POI for Garmin, TomTom and Navman

Thanks to member on our forum speedcams with current speedlimit is once again avalible for Sweden!

The archive builds from the leagacy of “Bonde456” and “Kent Green” who both have administrae the archive for Swedish speedcams for over a decade

If you find any errors please report in our forum. Each collections has it own subforum at https://fartkameraforum.se/forums/forum/poi-points-of-intresst/ or poi@fartkameraforum.se
We know that there has been changes from 90 to 80 km/h on many roads in Sweden autum/vinter 2016-17

We administrate the poi collections via a system called PHPOI (http://phpoi.sourceforge.net) It is developed by “Henca” one of our members and the one doing most of the hard work with keeping the database up to date

All files are free for private use, for all other use of the files you must have a written consent letter